BREATHABLE UV Blocking Mesh Jacket



Thoughtfully designed UV blocking jacket for wear when carrying bags on your back.

Uses a mesh fabric for the sweat-prone area of the back and a UV blocking fabric on areas prone to sunburn.

With anti-mozzie benefits, this jacket has been designed for optimal breathability and comfort.

Perfect for use during bush walks and hikes.

Specially manufactured anti-UV fabric doesnt lose its Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) even after repeated washing.


51115 JPY9000Kids from 7500UPF35Mesh fabric is not anti-UV

背中部分を大きくメッシュにし、リュックサックなど背負う時などには、最適のUV対策用アウター。汗をかきやすい場所をメッシュにし、日焼けしやすい部分を特殊なUV素材にし肌を覆います。虫刺され予防にも。 UVカット素材を使用していますので、お洗濯によるUVカット効果の低減はありません。